About Me

Welcome in my world of automation !

I’m a M.Sc. Automation Engineer with knowledge of the IT technology. I have a several years of experience in power control system engineering, great project design and IT skills as well as research and development division experience.

I worked for the biggest companies of the power automation in the Europe. Starting as the project engineer and finishing as a contractor in the R&D. In the past I was responsible for the preparation of algorithms and their implementation as functions used in PLC libraries written in C language. As a member of a small development team I was also responsible for preparing a small environment tools which helped to optimize and solve bugs for design engineers. I was also work as project engineer in the project design team. I participated in the all project levels. Starting in the design of control system project and ending on the Factory Acceptable Test with the client.

In my private life I am working all the time with the newest IT technology. Programing the private tools in the different language on the different computer systems for the different aspects of life. It is my passion, that’s why I can use it in my professional work areas.

My last interest concentrating on programing Raspberry Pi board with Windows IoT using C#. Let’s do our home more intelligent !